Mahalo for supporting Empty Bowl Hawai‘i 2015

Empty Bowl Hawai‘i General Support:

Waialae Plumbing & Construction /  Waialae Plumbing & Construction

Empty Bowl Hawai‘i 2015 Planning Committee:

EBH 2015 is possible because of the efforts of a large group of volunteers in addition to support from local businesses. Every contribution, whatever the size, is important to the success of EBH and is appreciated!
Key Planning Committee Members:
Sidney Lynch -- Chair & Project Coordinator
Holly Oyadomari & Peg Hoefer -- Soup & Restaurant Coordinators
Cindy Chaponot -- Bowl Coordinator
Daven Hee -- High School Coordinator
Margery Neilson -- Volunteer Coordinator
Emily Lee -- Neiman Marcus Exhibition Coordinator
Sanford Murata -- Music Coordinator
Tricia Beaman -- Publicity
Diana Tusher -- Graphics

Mahalo from Sidney Lynch, Chair, Empty Bowl Hawaiʻi 2015

IMG_7565grant 2Empty Bowl Hawaiʻi 2015 was a great success! We had lots and lots of positive comments on the venue, atmosphere, fantastic soups, beautiful bowls, layout, overall organization and efficiency of the event. Altogether $50,000 was generated by the event, $36,000 of which goes to HMOW after expenses deducted. We sold about 2,500 bowls, 2,200 tickets were turned in for soup and 1,260 people were clicked coming into the event though it seemed more like 12,000!!!! All left over soup and bread went to IHS.


DSC_4434I’d like to especially thank the Empty Bowl committee members, who through their hard work, some over the past two years, some over the past several months, organized this event. Diana Tusher did all the graphics and helped with the event layout. Nikka Santos did all of the logistics in obtaining the tents, equipment, luas, etc. (great choice of royal blue for the tablecloths!). Marge Neilson corralled over 350 volunteers to sign up and organized them. Holly Oyadamori and Peg Hoefer obtained and coordinated with the 26 restaurants & their volunteers to get the soup to the event and served. Cindy Chaponot, Daven Hee & Jon Vongvichai got all the high school and other ceramic groups to make the bowls. Tricia Beaman got us all that wonderful publicity. Sanford Murata organized the great bands and music. Susan Rogers-Areggor headed up the cashiers.

In addition, mahalo to our section heads Saturday who kept all our 325 volunteers on target (and not running into each other) Mackie Avecille, Kirk Tomita & Stephanie Sakurai - traffic & safety; Jackie Johnson & Laurie Siegfried – wrapping; Holly Oyadamori & Peg Hoefer – soup; Jack Lewin & Liz Jackson - monitoring tables and KP; Susan Rogers-Aregor – cashiering; Beryl Ono - pre-cashiering group. Yvonne Ching created the slide show that was on the wall in Agora. Also, mahalo to Gemma Yamamoto for collecting and storing bowls as they were made and to Jackie Johnson for storing the ones left from 2013.


IMG_7500 cpdAnd of course thanks to all the volunteers! We had ten people (Daven, Jack, Matt, Jon, Drew, Philip, Sidney, Gemma, Holly, Mike) picking up and dropping bowls at the venue on Thursday afternoon; about 50 people on Friday helping to set up the event (Dianne Lee and Connie Flattery got there early and helped to segregate the 6000 bowls and other boxes); about 325 volunteers on Saturday from the high schools, various ceramics organizations, Hawai‘i Meals on Wheels and others to work the event; and six people (Drew, Philip, Maile, Joe, Laurie, Sidney & Maya) to clean up on Sunday.

At first it seemed like a lot of volunteers, but when the people began to flood in it was great to have the extra volunteers so people could take a break and get soup with the tickets they had bought. Also, when it came time to break down it went really fast. As HPG well knows 'many hands make light work'.

Mahalo nui loa to everyone!

photos: Sonya K. Kuki/Grant Shindo


Empty Bowl Hawai‘i Venue:

An inKakaakoAgora_Logo_Bdoor public park and vibrant community gathering space designed for 21st century Honolulu, Agora is in the heart of Our Kaka‘ako.



our kakaako whiteA creative hub and emerging urban-island community of artists, chefs, influencers and entrepreneurs, Our Kakaako is rooted in Hawaiian cultural values, empowers creativity, and cultivates innovation.


 Empty Bowl Hawai‘i Exhibition:

Neiman_Marcus_Logo-3 [Converted] grey copyOne of the world's best known specialty retailers noteworthy for its support of arts and culture, Neiman Marcus  is hosting both an exhibition of empty bowl themed work and a display of bowls made by high school students as part of EBH.



Alley Stage

6:00  -  The North Shore Ramblers
7:00  -  Sam and the Sumo Ninjaz
8:00  -  The Rambling Ninjaz
Contact: Justin Murata - 227.1839,

FreshPreps 2Agora Stage

6:15  -  The Fresh Preps,  Contact:  Joshua Stephens (leader) - 222.7812,
7:15  -  TS Rollers,  Contact:  Colin Lee (Leader) - 780.0632,
8:15  -  Steve Lucas Jazz Group,  Contact:  Glenn "Rac" Racoma (leader) - 223.2503,