Challenge Potters

Get to know our Challenge Potters

38 potters are ready to take on the challenge of making 50 or more bowls.

Their bowls will be available in a special Challenge Potter area.


Each Challenge Potter will also be donating a

signature piece for the silent auction.

The "Firing Squad"

Shelle Avecilla, Jere Masumoto, Sharon Nishi, Marie Kodama, Carl Takahashi, and David Yamaguchi

The "Firing Squad" is a group of potters who are friends sharing the passion of creating clay vessels culminating in the lengthy final state of firing.

The reward for our commitment comes at the end with the revelation of the finished clay creations.

Eric Kenny

Pablo Tello


* BA Art Berea College. Berea, KY    * BA Education College of Santa Fe. Albuquerque, NM    * MA Education University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM


 * Owner, operator pottery/art studio for 25 years   * Participant in various art and craft shows   * Art teacher

Roy Yamashiro

 HPG member and kiln co-chairperson

I'm a structural engineer who enjoys making all types of forms/shapes-clean, altered, wheel thrown or hand-built, big and small, out of clay.

Tricia Beaman


I'm inspired to make everyday objects beautiful and focus on creating functional, simple wares for plants, flowers and food.


Super 7

Sidney Lynch, Drew Matsumoto, Pat Takeshita, Jackie Johnson, Connie Flattery, Dianne Lee and Laurie Siegfried

Oh, the things we can do with clay.

Makana Wong


Makana Wong found his passion for ceramics in High School. Now thirteen years later he is teaching students how to play with clay at Moanalua High and the Hawaii Potters Guild. Makana's work is centered around Asian-inspired functional pieces.

Jean Garry

I was born in Illinois where I first played in mud! Always an artist I majored in painting at Westrern Kentucky University, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Louisville School of Art. After my children were born, I enrolled in the University of Louisville. I began working on a teaching degree in seondary education with my concentration in ceramics under the guidance of two master potters, Tom and Ginny Marsh. After moving to The Big Island in 1989, I finished my BA at UHH with a minor in agriculture. After enrolling in the teacher education program at UHH, I received my teaching certificatuon in secondary education. I have been producing functional pottery as well as sculptural pieces since 1990. Thankfully the Hawaii Potters' Guild has allowed me to continue to lose myself in clay for the past 4 years.

Justin Hang

Always trying new things to make sure he’s not a robot...or is that something a robot WOULD do001011011101


Candace Hang

Candace started learning how to work with clay at Hawaii Potter’s guild.  She is grateful for the knowledge and support of their teachers and members. She is still developing her skills and  trying to find her ‘style’. Which is largely influenced by her love of animals.

Mark Kuhn


Mark Kuhn is originally from southwestern PA, and has been behind the potter's wheel for over 25 years.  His passion for pottery started when he was in high school, which led him to pursue further training in the medium. He received a degree in art education, with a concentration in ceramics from California University of PA in the early 90’s.  In July 2013, he relocated from PA to Hawaii, and has become involved in the local artist community, including the Hawaii Potters' Guild.  He has a passion for functional, wheel thrown ceramics, which integrate both high craftsmanship and sculptural alterations.

Chris Chong

IG: yuugenceramics

I started learning ceramics in high school. Pursuing a business degree I tried to dabble in ceramics whenever I had an opportunity too. After starting ceramics 13 years ago my life still revolves around ceramics.

Marisa Oshiro

Marisa Oshiro was born and raised in Hawaii. Marisa first started taking pottery classes at the Hawaii Potters' Guild in 2009.  She is inspired by the island lifestyles of Hawaii and Okinawa.  Marisa also likes to put a little humor in her work in hopes of leaving you with a sense of peace and optimism.

Koalani Lagareta

IG: @aina_momona_arts

Donated 30 empty bowls

Donated signature bowl from Kahakai Collection: Pe'a Brittle Star Serving Bowl 

Koalani's signature ceramic forms are elegant with clean and structured lines, and embellished with textures and bold motifs inspired by nature. Through ʻAina Momona Arts, she hopes to share her experiences and memories of growing up and living in Hawai'i.

Kasia Chyzyk

IG: kailua_kasia

I enjoy throwing clay on the wheel for over 3 years. Each bowl I create is made from stoneware and is finished with glazes applied by dipping, pouring, spraying, brushing and sponging to create unique character. 

Gemma Yamamoto


Gemma Yamamoto has been potting ever since her daughter signed her up for a class.  That was 10 years ago, but Gemma believes that her connection to clay began when she was girl and played in the dirt driveway, in the rain, creating mud walls and river ways. She feels very fortunate to pot at and be a part of the Honolulu Potter's Guild. 

Jan Marcec

I can now appreciate the Asian concept of becoming proficient by making 10,000 tea bowls....50 down...9,950 to go!


Dale and Micah Oi

This mother and son team began their adventure in clay in 2013 looking for a fun and creative activity that a high school kid wouldn't mind doing with his mom.

Six years later... Micah is now a senior at UH, and they still try to meet once a week at HPG to do clay together.



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